How to switch to a new WordPress host

You are not satisfied with the company or agency who has provided you hosting for your WordPress website then read this article till the end. You don’t need to Stick to one agency or company and worried that your WordPress website would be lost.

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You will be able to restore or backup every data of your WordPress website, and you will be able to switch to any other host without any trouble.


First of all, you need to know why you are switching to any other host. You need to analyze the whole reason, and if switching is the last resort, then you can go for that.

Before switching your website or the host, you need to back up your complete data, and there is much software will be allowing you that. Duplicator is a software which will allow you to back up your data and switch to another host without losing any WordPress content.


Even if you want Offshore hosting for your website or you have got Offshore host in the past still you need to switch.

Go for the host for your website which is going to give you many add on features without any trouble. For example, they should be giving your free updates without any assistance from your side. Not only that the agency should give you update but also, they should give you additional plugins which will allow you to maximize the functionality of your WordPress website.

In my opinion, Godaddy is the service which will be best for you and their hosting will allow you to maximize your functionality in the affordable rates. Do check the DMCA ignored hosting from other places because this place is not going to allow you that.


There are many ways which can’t be mentioned in detail in this article, but when you google about how to restore WordPress data and switch to any other host, then you will find many videos and articles which will allow you to tell you about that.

But in my opinion, duplicator is the application which will be more than helpful for you in this regard. You need to check every bit of the content before thinking about switching your WordPress website; otherwise, you will lose your essential data.

If you have decided about the credible host who will allow you to work essentially on your WordPress website, then now after waking up that is you can restore your data over that host and hopefully it will be intact.


After switching to a new host make sure that all your data is similar or intact and you are getting every functionality as you wanted. FTP software will allow you to check that all your content from the old host is intact in the new host.

Once you verified that all your content is on the same place, then you need to change the DNS of your website to make sure that you have switched to a new host.


If I want to conclude this article, then I will say that this is not a difficult task, and everybody should switch to a new host if they are not getting the expected output from the old host. Many professional agencies will be able to assist you in this regard without much burden on your pocket.

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